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Pixel Foxes Collection

Sweat Mtn powers the blockchain for the Pixel Foxes collection. A collection of 10,000 unique digital trading cards collection. Pixel Foxes to date has had over over $4 million in total sales.

Unique Individual programs are designed to meet the needs of children with disabilities, both behavioral and learning. These programs will provide an exciting and engaging environment to enhance the uniqueness of a child with a disability. Our goal is to increase the capacity for learning by offering excellent and caring services.

Unique Individual

Start My Idea

Start My Idea is a highly growing newsletter powered by Sweat Mtn. Sweat Mtn designed the alogrithms used to find the latest trends and designed custom AI to generated business ideas backed by those trends.

Herbie is a high-end black car on-demand service built by Sweat Mtn. Sweat Mtn designed and developed the iOS and Android mobile apps for the drivers and customers with a payment management feature on the app. Sweat Mtn's team is also responsible for the day-to-day support and maintenance of staff.

Herbie VIP

PFP World

Sweat Mtn powers the blockchain for PFP World, A web3 luxury fashion brand. Combining physical and digital ownership to protect authenticity.

Launch on any blockchain!

Sweat Mtn's platform allows collections to be launched on any major blockchain. Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, & Flow are just a few blockchains to choose from.

Blockchain Services

Digital Ownership

Launch blockchain workflows that enable your organization to digitally protect your assets through non-fungible tokens.


Our team can build and implement your tokenomics strategy when launching on the blockchain.

Smart Contract Development

Custom smart contract development to help build your collection and/or streamline business processes. Integrate your business with blockchain technology.


Consulting services are available to you to help with strategic planning. Business development services for customized applications for your business.

Sweat Mountain's Solutions

Sweat Mountain's solutions are built on your needs. From our development team to our consultations, we help provide the infrastructure to your service in order for scalability and sustainability in your industry.